Homemade strawberry jam

Happy Monday everyone!

I am back from my work trip and I am so happy to be back home! Last week, hubby brought back strawberries from work and as there were too many to eat I decided to make some jam with the left overs.

It was my first time making jam and I found it so easy I’m wondering why I didn’t give it a go earlier. Here is the recipe I used.

  • 400 g strawberries
  • 300 g caster sugar
  • the juice of 1 lemon

I just put all my ingredients in a pot over the heat and brought everything to a boil, then I put it on low heat for around 40-45 min, making sure to stir from time to time (every 10 min or so) and that’s it! I think the consistency is really good, if you like your jam a bit firm, I would suggest either cooking it for longer or adding some agar to it.

I thought that overall it was super simple and I wish I had given jam a try before today. Are there any recipes you’ve tried that ended up super simple and that you wish you had given a go earlier?




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19 responses to “Homemade strawberry jam

  1. Deb

    There’s nothing like homemade jams! Strawberries won’t be ripe here until April.

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  2. Can I come over to your place, please!? *droll*

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  3. Yum!! Your first jam recipe and it set up too!! You have the touch:(!

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  4. AJ

    I used to make tons of jam when I was a teenager, but haven’t made any in years as I don’t have my canning pot or jars anymore:(

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    • I’m planning on having this one finished in a couple of weeks so I didn’t do a proper canning, I just set it in a jar and it’s in the fridge. Hopefully we finish it before anything gross grows in it!

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      • AJ

        Oh ok. I didn’t think of doing that as I really miss making jam! I always have that same thought about making bread- why am I buying it, it’s so easy!

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  5. It looks wonderful, and I know it tastes heavenly!

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  6. Oooh! I can smell and taste it from here!

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  7. Homemade strawberry jam is awesome!

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