WIP Wednesday – Hubby socks

Happy Wednesday!

I hope that your first week of Feb has been great, I have just been so busy that I missed my usual Monday post. I’m afraid that I will only be able to blog on Wednesdays for the next couple of weeks, but fear not, I have a few things on the go that I will definitely be sharing when everything is back to normal!

This brings me to today’s post, I have made a start on my second pair of socks of the year, and I have a half finished object (HO) to show you!

IMG_7655 copy

I’m using self striping yarn, and to make them more manly than my socks, I’m not doing any lace pattern. Hubby was definitely relieved about that one! The socks kind of fit on my sock blockers, because I discovered that I have hobbit feet (almost the same size as hubby’s). Or maybe he just has small feet? Either way, those fit him, and he is happy he will have a new pair for winter. I really like the striping effect on those, I think they look great! I have lost the ball band somewhere though so I can’t remember what the yarn is, but I shall find out and I will mention it when I finish the socks.

I have also made a start on the Read Between the Line shawl and I love it! I will try to take some pictures and share that next week 🙂 I wish you all a wonderful end of the week!




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20 responses to “WIP Wednesday – Hubby socks

  1. That is a very nice yarn, and you will have a very happy hubby!

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  2. Your socks always look so professional Emma! And your sock holder is so cute! Love it❤️❤️

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    • Thanks Tracy ❤️ I really enjoy working on socks, they are a fun on the go project 😊 and I love my new sock blockers! I think I might ask for another pair for my birthday (have to wait until September though, maybe I’ll give in before that!)


  3. Let’s go with your husband having small feet! Hehe Very nice! I want to make socks…

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    • 😅 yes let’s go with that! Either way it’s good because it’s not much more work than making socks for myself. Have you given it a try yet? You might find it easier than it looks 🙂


  4. Created by Bella

    Beautiful. I love the the color of the self-striping yarn and the pattern it makes when knitted. You also made me chuckle with the comment about your Hobbit feet (lol) 🙂

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    • Thank you Bella, I do love that yarn, the colours are super pretty 😊 and it makes me laugh too thinking about hobbit feet, fortunately they are not super hairy 😂


  5. Love the new socks, perfectly manly😊

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  6. claire93

    that’s one gorgeous sock! the yarn stripes beautifully.
    As for feet . . . I must have hobbit feet myself because my most recent pair of shoes are men’s shoes! I’m a European 41 or 42 for shoes and it’s not always easy to find comfy women’s shoes to fit.

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    • Thanks Claire! I’m happy I’m not the only one with big-ish feet, I’m a size 40-41 and I have issues in Australia finding my size, I feel most pairs that I like are size 36 or 38. I’ve heard that online was a good place to buy nice shoes for bigger sizes but I like to try them on to make sure they are comfy, so I’ll just have to deal with the fact we have less choice in footwear!

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  7. Another winner! I love the colour!

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  8. Lovely sock, well done. Great colour choice, and the stripes always looks great.

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  9. I do really want socks to be my next project!

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