FO- Baby Humpback Whale

Happy Wednesday lovely readers!

It’s alive! My baby humpback is finished, and will be delivered next week to my friend, I hope he loves it as much as I do! One of my friends suggested that I make a huge version of it and sleep with it, that would be totally awesome, maybe a should give it a go! If you fancy making your own, the pattern is free on 1dogwoof‘s website. Have you ever tried making giant amigurumi?

I love it so much! It’s already in the suitcase, all ready for it’s travel back to Brisbane. I hope you are all having a great week!



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37 responses to “FO- Baby Humpback Whale

  1. I love your whale! I just tried making amigurumi with chunky yarn and it was so much fun. I bet this whale would make an awesome body pillow.

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  2. jessicacrafts

    Aww it’s lovely and I can totally imagine a massive one to sleep with haha

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  3. claire93

    well done Emma! I don’t know about a giant whale . . . this one looks a fair size already. A lovely catch that any fisherman would be proud of.

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  4. How darn cute xx

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  5. It’s awesome Emma! You have a lucky friend!

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  6. You are really making some cute arigurumi animals! I think a big on would fit the whale theme perfectly!

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  7. Yay! he’s totally fab.

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  8. This would make an adorable body pillow! I could snuggle with that!

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  9. The whale is just adorable. I just know your friend is going to love it just as much. 🙂

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  10. That’s amazing!!! 👏

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  11. He turned out awesome! Nice job!

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  12. A much nicer body pillow idea than the shop-bought ones. As a toy, it’s adorable:)

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    • Thanks Sheila 😊 I think it would be pretty cool as a body pillow too, and definitely so much better than shop-bought (but we may all be a bit biased here because we are makers 😊)

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  13. What a cutie! I’d definitely go for a massive one 😀

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