FO Monday – Candy corn socks

Happy Monday lovely readers!

First, I would really love to thank all of you who showed interest in Sandy, you guys really put a smile on my face ❤️

And second, I have finished my candy corn socks! Yay! I’m super excited about those, I think they look awesome and I really enjoyed working with this yarn

candy corn socks

I’ve already worn them of course and they are perfect in my running shoes 😊 So that’s my first pair (and first project) finished for the year, hopefully I can keep up my goals!

Have you finished projects this year already?




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31 responses to “FO Monday – Candy corn socks

  1. claire93

    oooh orange, yellow & green ^^ they look fab and I love your wooden sock holder thingies too.

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  2. Your hand works are so nice.

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  3. Gorgeous socks!! I love your sock blockers too.

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  4. Created by Bella

    They turned out great!

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  5. Ooo they are amazing! That sock holder is mega cute 😀 Can’t wait to start on Sandy ❤

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  6. They look so cozy and warm! May your new year be filled with many more finishes!

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  7. They’re beautiful – they might wear holes in them quickly if you wear them for running, though!

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  8. MUCH better than the shuffly slippers they used to be…!

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  9. Those are wonderful, and so much fun! Well done! No finishes here, just a lot of starts! 😳

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  10. Awesome socks. Not much finished yet. 🙂 maybe soon.

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  11. They turned out fantastic! I bet they are very cozy too!

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  12. They’re fantastic! 😃 I love the color combo 😍
    I finished two Ponchos…and started a few new things 😜

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  13. I’m not a candy corn fan, but I love your socks!

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