WIP Wednesday – (Crochet) knitted socks

Happy Wednesday lovely readers!

I hope you all had a great start to the year, I am sure having a great week with my family still being here. We visited an orchard yesterday and went along the coast today and it was all beautiful!

On New Year’s Eve, I decided to cast on some very special yarn I got from Bogga from Knitting in France. I thought I would try something new so I started my very first crochet sock. Now, this was an epic fail! I didn’t like the fabric that the crochet made, the sock was too small I didn’t like the look of it overall.


I got all the way to there but then I just couldn’t do it. I had to frog it! So that was my first frog of 2018 on day 2! I really loved the yarn though, so I knew I had to start back straight away. Thankfully I’m a fast knitter, so this is where I’m at since yesterday.


I actually prefer everything about this sock, especially how the yellow and orange blend (it looks less like candy corn but I think they are more wearable this way so I’m happy). I’m doing a shorty vanilla sock to wear in my sport shoes and I’ve already turned the heel and decreased back to the right number of stitches needed for the foot. I’m not really using any pattern, I just cast on 60 sts, did a 2×2 rib and used a heel flap with eye of partridge motif (which is my absolute favourite). I should have this first sock cast off by the end of the week and possibly a whole pair next week.

I guess at least I tried crochet socks but, unless I find a really good pattern or you guys can recommend one, I don’t think I’ll try it again anytime soon.

Have you already had a fail this new year? Please tell me I’m not alone! In any case, have a great end of the week.



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25 responses to “WIP Wednesday – (Crochet) knitted socks

  1. I’ve discovered that my most useful tool when using my sewing machine is my stitch ripper (best 30p I’ve ever spent!). Today I’ve been working on a Christmas present to be given at our family get together this weekend and I lost count of how many times I had to undo what I’d sewn due to: not catching both edges, sewing too far away from the edge, sewing lines that looked ridiculously wonky when I looked at the back, sewing things onto the wrong part, sewing ribbons on the outside of a part that would be turned inside out (thus hiding the ribbons completely), and then the button loop i’d sewn into the seam fell out as i’d trimmed the ends too close! So no, you’re not the only one!but at least we’ve both now got something we’re happy with! I love your socks. I’ll blog about this particular make once it’s been gifted!

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  2. I like the knitted ones much better too! The changes in the Orange is wonderful, makes me think of sunshine and orange juice!

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  3. Created by Bella

    The knitted sock looks great! I really like how the yellow and orange blend together, much better than the crocheted version.

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  4. You are the master of knitted socks! I have to say that those crocheted ones do resemble the ones they used to make for folks in hospitals as slippers when I visited them decades ago, sort of a nice idea but often sort of slippery and dangerous and certainly not chic or necessarily warm as the people shuffled along trying to keep them on and not fall down. There must be some excellent sock patterns in crochet out there, as I was just mentioning to someone online that crocheting has evolved into gorgeous mandalas and multilevel marvels. Good luck with it!

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    • Hihi you really made me laugh, you are so right they really look like those hospital slippers (which I actually find quite hideous). And they definitely would not be warm enough! I will keep on looking for a crochet pattern but in the mean time I do love my knitted socks 😊

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  5. Well, I think it’s a fail that I haven’t crocheted anything at all for over two weeks. Yep, that’s a fail alright! 🙂

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  6. I have never found a crochet sock that even comes close to a knitted sock. This my drool and envy and love of your beautiful knitted socks❤️❤️

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    • Thanks Tracy ☺️ I’m making those one shorties like the ones I made you, and I have to say they are so quick! It’s sad but I think crochet doesn’t really do well in garments (except shawls maybe). But I was a knitter before I was a crocheter so I don’t mind too much 😊❤️


  7. The knitted little sock looks much nicer than the crochet one. At least you gave it a try!

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  8. I like the knitted version much better. Good decision there! I am more of a crocheter than a knitter, but I prefer the look of knitted socks.

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    • Thanks Kate! I was a knitter first so I guess that’s why I’m not too bothered by it. I think that clothes in general look much nicer in knit because the knitted fabric is much thinner and lighter that the crochet one. Although I’m determined to crochet a pair of socks this year so I’ll have to find another pattern!

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  9. AJ

    Love the socks! And at least you got the first frog over with:)

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  10. I need to try this at some point! Beautiful work!

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