FO Friday – something different

Happy Friday!

I hope you’ve all had a great week, my friend left yesterday and I’m a bit sad the she’s gone but on the bright side I’m back full time with blogging! (still the usual 3 x a week , but you know I’ll be able to actually read more and hopefully respond slightly faster, so that’s a win!)

I know I’ve said that I wouldn’t really make any Christmas gifts, but then I actually thought of some really good and fast gifts to make for my nana and my aunty, as them and my grandpa are visiting for Christmas. So, I have decided to hand stitch them some gifts!

You probably remember (if you were following me at the time) that I went to a craft fair in  Brisbane in September? When I was there, I bought some really cute buttons and a cool diy ornament kit from Krazy Kreations.


Isn’t that going to be super cute? This will be for my nana, but today I want to share with you the finished I made for my aunty.

I spend a good while looking for the perfect fabric for this, as I had a pretty clear idea in mind. This is what I ended with (excuse the poor lighting on the left fabric, it’s meant to be blue!).

I then hand drew the motifs I wanted and used my rusty appliqué skills. I’m super happy with how it turned out, and all that was left to do was to write a cute sentence at the top (it means “hop with happiness” in French, pun intended) and sew on the buttons.


Did I mention my aunty loves frogs? I think it’s a very effective gift, and I know that she will love it because it has frogs! I can’t wait for her to see it 🙂

How is your Christmas gift making going? I’d love to hear about your more ambitious projects!




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24 responses to “FO Friday – something different

  1. Oh that’s so cute and just perfect for your aunt!

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  2. That’s adorable 😍 Auntie and Grandma are two lucky gals 😃

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  3. She is going to be so “hoppy”!:). I’m sure they are going to live your handmade gifts❤️❤️

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  4. I made a hoop for my smallies, need to finish off a hat for myself ! Not enough time as usual

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  5. Ushnish

    You just made my Friday cheerful.

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  6. dezertsuz

    That’s VERY cute with the frog buttons! I like the heart, too. I know that I hang things like that off knows around my house – door and furniture knobs. It’s just a little touch of color and fun!

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    • Thanks beautiful 😘 I know my nana loves to do that too, I probably get it from her and she will always think of me with the little heart 😊 I’ve just finished it today and I love it, will post some pictures on Monday


  7. They will both love your gifts!

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  8. This is super cute! I look forward to seeing the heart when you post about it

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  9. That’s really cute! I love how the colours pop off the dark blue background.

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  11. How cute! What a cool idea for using buttons like that 🙂

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