November wrap up

Happy Saturday everyone!

I hope you all had a great week, it has been busy as ever here! I have actually been taking a small break from blogging with my best friend still being here, as I wanted to make the most of my time with her. This means that I will have to catch up on all your amazing blogs in the next few weeks, which I’m really looking forward to!

So, what did I manage to get done in November? For starters, I managed to put together a little parcel for my stitching santa, organised by Sheila of Sewchet. I really hope that my swap partner loves it as much as I do! I posted a picture on Instagram a couple of weeks ago but here it is again if you have missed it 😊


I have also received my own swap parcel, and it’s been patiently sitting under my Christmas tree! I just can’t wait for Christmas now!

This month, I have also barely escaped from trolls, made friend’s with Azog the defiler and visited the Shire on an amazing trip to New Zealand!

I did decide to join the NaNo WriMo as well for the first time, and I have to say that it was all great before New Zealand, but I did find it hard to write once there. So in the end, I was quite far from my goal, with almost 15,000 words written this year. I’m still pretty proud to have done it, and I think I will continue to use the site to track my writing, as the hardest thing is to just keep at it. I do also have plenty of plot ideas, so I will definitely keep on writing on this project.


This month, craft-wise, I have mostly done crochet, and I have finished two shawls, the Liula from Potter & Bloom and the Swaye from Addydae Designs. I have also made a lovey for a new baby girl in the family and I have designed Sandy the sea dragon for the design contest (voting opens tomorrow, 3rd of December, I will share some more in another post).

I am also super pleased to have joined the Hand Quilt along this month, and I have made some progress on my EPP! I have decided that this will be a baby quilt size, and that I might actually also hand quilt it.

And last but not least, this month saw another very successful Fantastic Bake-Along, themed around the apple! Yum! I decided to make an upside down pie, called a Tarte Tatin in France.


I hope you all had an amazing month and that you are ready for Christmas!! 🎄🎁screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-9-29-20-pm


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19 responses to “November wrap up

  1. Deb

    Sandy is adorable,the apple upside down pie looks yummy ,which would taste great with my coffee right now,and your EPP in a baby quilt will make a lovely quilt.

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  2. AJ

    Your month sounds super successful!

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  3. Glad you had such a great time with your friend! Good for you!

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  4. You were very busy in November! I just love Sandy!

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  5. A productive month Emma !

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  6. Love the Seadragon!!!!! 💕💕💕

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  7. Congratulations on the 15,000! That’s still a lot. Is there somewhere you blog about your writing? What kind of book(s) are you working toward finishing?

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    • Thanks Susan 😘 I’m writing a fantasy/adventure story, but I haven’t put it on the blog yet. I was thinking of putting a few chapters on the blog but I haven’t had time yet.


  8. Hi there Emma!! My stitchingsanta package has arrived. Thank you so much.
    I’ve not opened it just yet. But I did take a sneak peek at your photos. Wow. I can not wait to open it. It looks amazing. What a cute baggie and real Kiwi yarn. I’m think I’m being spoiled. 😘😃
    Thank you once again. I’ll be opening soon.
    Happy holidays and enjoy the time with your friends and family.
    Hugs. Joey

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    • Hi Joey, I’m very happy it arrived safely before Christmas. Fingers crossed you like everything and that I chose the colours for the yarn well (I tried to see which colours you liked most but it was a bit of a guesswork). Have a great Christmas and I hope you get spoilt 😘

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      • Hello to you,
        I am back in the online world, after disappearing for the holidays. 🙂 I spent time in Cape Town, (our “Mother City”) and time in the bush, that I miss the most. I could go back in an instant.
        I loved the package, and am super happy with the Manta Ray. It is adorable, and is now in my car, travelling with me every day. 🙂 You have an extremely interesting job, wow!!
        I love the yarn, and am very happy that you choose these colours for me, as I always tend to buy blue and really need to splash out in warmer softer colours too. 🙂 Thank you!!
        Have a wonderful 2018, and may it be a blessed and delightful year.
        🙂 xx

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      • Have a great year too and I’m glad you got to spend some time away for the holidays. Visiting South Africa is definitely on my list, the bush sounds amazing there and I know the Coast is great to spot all sorts of amazing sea creatures! I’m so happy you liked the Manta Ray, and the yarn as well. I know what you mean I also always tend to buy blues 😁 I’m looking forward reading you this year, I wish you an awesome and creative year 😘

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      • 🙂 Visit any time, as you know, weather in the southern hemisphere is pretty nice just about all year round.
        I am a mountain loving person, and can enjoy the bush every day. Our coast is great, have superb views and we get the whales yearly. Great for seeing sharks too, if you are that brave. 🙂 I find them so majestic and beautiful.
        Enjoy 2018 and all the very best. 🙂

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