FO – Liula stole

Happy Wednesday lovely readers!

I’m a bit sad to announce that we had no trick or treaters yesterday, so I was a bit sad but on the other hand, more lollies for us, so still a win!

Today I’ve finished my Liula stole. The design is from Emma Potter from Potter & Bloom and I absolutely adored it! I started this last week on the 24th and I literally could not put it down! Emma was also organising a crochet-along for Liulas FO so I was able to enter it on her Ravelry thread. It was super fun to see everyone’s FO, they all look so great!

Here is mine, pretty good right?

What I loved is that the pattern calls specifically for a yarn cake in 4 ply, and I have to say I had been dying to try one of those! I actually found out that they sell some at Lincraft, which is an Australian craft store chain and I had to go and buy one. Because the Liula pattern is inspired by leaves, I chose rather autumnal colours and I love my new stole! I think it will get quite a bit of wear, especially because it’s still pretty cold here during spring.

Have you participated in any CAL recently? I’d love to know about them!



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21 responses to “FO – Liula stole

  1. Those are pretty colors for autumn, nice that you can wear it now for a bit and be ready to go when your fall starts.

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  2. AJ

    I love the colour you picked! They go with the pattern so well! Enjoy:)

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  3. I love your colour choices! Your crochet skills have me so jealous! 🙂

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  4. We had some trick-or-treaters but not that many. Lots of left-over candy. Must be because it was on a Tuesday. I’m always saying we should always have Halloween on a Friday or Saturday but no one ever listens. 🎃

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  5. I’ve actually stopped buying Halloween candy and leave my light off because we only had about 5 trick or treaters for the past three years! I live in a nice little neighborhood and the first few years we were here there were hundreds of kids out. I was running out of candy after just an hour or so every year. Then it suddenly stopped. I found out that the elementary school organizes a Trunk or Treat on Halloween night and everyone goes to the school parking lot and passes out candy from the trunks of their cars. I guess that is a good idea for parents that don’t want to walk all over the neighborhood, but it makes me feel bad that now I don’t even bother handing candy out. Anyways, your stole is gorgeous!! I love that leaf pattern and the colors you used are perfect for it! 😀

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    • I think that’s pretty sad, I’ve always loved Halloween and going around is part of the fun (although I have to say that in France they are not super big on Halloween). Thank you, I really liked how the colours worked with the pattern too, it really motivated me to get finished 🙂

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  6. Very nice stole, I love that pattern! I’m in an apartment building and they don’t allow trick or treaters door to door in the building, which is probably a good thing, but I miss seeing the kids in their costumes.

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    • Thanks Kate 😊 And that sucks that they wouldn’t allow trick or treaters. where I used to live when I was little, everyone lived in an apartment pretty much so we always did door to door and it was great because the parents wouldn’t be worried about us being on the street.

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      • Yes, it would be nice to see the kids from the building dressed up. They do take donations of candy to hand out in the lobby, but it’s not the same.

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  7. claire93

    lovely autumn colours there, Emma. I’ve rather lost my crochet mojo of late . . . a couple of amigurumi sitting in parts, waiting to be attached, while I’ve moved back to cross stitch and sewing with a vengeance.

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    • Thanks Claire. I’ve had the opposite issue. Lots of crochet and knitting but I’ve lost my stitching mojo 😦 I need to get back to it!


  8. We had no trick or treaters either. I vowed with all the kittens we have to make sure I dropped one in every costumed child. A lose – lose situation, lol

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    • Oh I would have loved to come trick or treat at your place! How many kittens did you get?


      • I never received a kitten in my bag, as a child that would have been the best treat ever! I currently am down to 4. So if only one trick or treater would have come the magic number could have been 4! As a parent, my house would be the one to avoid lol

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