September roundup

Happy Monday readers!

I am so glad that September is over, and with it the craziness of travelling all over the place for work. I just came back from yet another work trip, this time tutoring on a beautiful tropical island! I know, I’m not complaining but it’s good to be back home, even if it’s currently empty due to my imminent move.

Here are some pictures of my latest trip, it was really a lot of fun 😊

I have only finished one thing in September, my virus shawl. I have almost finished my knitted jumper too, but that will be a story for Friday!


At the moment, I have a couple of WIPs, including the jumper, a pair of socks, my everlasting LOTR blanket, my almost abandoned mandala madness and the Swaye shawl I’ve just started. And then, there are the countless cross stitch projects waiting to be done. But do not despair, I will get all those projects done! Eventually 😉



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15 responses to “September roundup

  1. What a fantastic September filled with wonderful memories:)! Your projects aren’t going anywhere. Life is too precious not to get out there and live it! Plus travel time is great stitching time:)❤️❤️

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    • Septembre was definitely full of adventures 😊 and my projects did go somewhere, they are in Melbourne with the hubby 😂 I’ll be happy to be reunited with everyone 😉 travel time was great for stitching, that’s so true! 😘❤️


  2. AJ

    Your trip looks wonderful as does your shawl!

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  3. I bet you are looking forward to being in your new home and just settling for a bit, even though it is great to travel!

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  4. jessicacrafts

    Oooh wow. Lovely under water pics!

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  5. Erm I want your job lol!!!! That shawl though, it’s lovely. ❤️

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  6. Gorgeous shawl , my shawl is still sitting there looking at me !!

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