Cardinal bird finish

Happy Monday!

I have a finish today, yay! This is from the kit that the lovely Claire sent me for my unbirthday in July. It’s a little cardinal bird and it’s on my project bag that I am going to (eventually, in a very long time) cover in cross stitch.


Isn’t he cute? I had a lot of fun stitching him, and because I’ve only been using one strand to stitch on this tiny canvas, I still have plenty of thread left!

Thanks again Claire, is was such a thoughtful and lovely gift ❤️

I hope you guys all have a great week!



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26 responses to “Cardinal bird finish

  1. Fny

    Very cute indeed!

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  2. So cute Emma!! Claire is so sweet! I have a cardinal that has taken up residence in my back yard. He likes to land on my fence post and let out a few chirps – I love it!! 😀

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  3. He is a cutie, and very tiny! I would have had to go over two threads or I would not have made it! Your young eyes do you credit!!

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  4. That’s so cute!

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  5. claire93

    he’s very cute with those tufty feathers on his head ^^

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  6. Omg, so cute ❤ Birds are awesome, i love robins' they are so cute 😀

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  7. What a darling little cardinal! You are a very loved girl❤️❤️.!

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  8. Such a cute design! He is so sweet 😊

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