WIP Wednesday – Sapphire shawl

Happy Wednesday!

I’ve been mentioning that I started a new shawl last weekend, and I’ve been loving it! Did I mention that it is my first knitted shawl ever? I’m using a free pattern from Orange Flower Yarn called the Age of Brass and Steam. I really like how simple, yet effective, the pattern is!


And I am using the beautiful yarn that Tracy gifted me, in the Sapphire colour way, hence the name I’ve given to my shawl! I was pretty pleased to find this ‘1 ball of dk’ shawl pattern. I was a bit scared at first about not having enough yarn but now that I’ve started it, I think it will be just perfect!

I hope you’ve been having a productive week too!



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13 responses to “WIP Wednesday – Sapphire shawl

  1. Gorgeous, I really need to get into knitting! Your such an inpso, enjoy the rest of your week 🙂 xx

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  2. It’s beautiful! It will be so nice to wrap up in in cold weather!

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  3. It’s beautiful so far! Maybe I should give this pattern a go, my knitted shawl has ground to a halt because the pattern is just too fiddly for me

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  4. Looking fabulous Emma

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  5. It’s lovely! Nice job for a first time!

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  6. I love every shade of blue and this yarn is gorgeous!! Sapphires are my favorite gemstone so I already love this shawl, plus it looks like a lovely pattern!! 😀

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