July wrap up

Happy Wednesday lovelies ❤️

The time has come again to look back on the past month. I’m not sure how much I will get done in the next few months, as we are planning our big move interstate by the end of August and I will be aways for most of September. One thing is sure, I’ll be busy!

Here are my yarny makes, I got one more of my LOTR squares finished, I finished a pair of socks and started a new pair. Oh and let’s not forget Dumbo, my cute deep sea octopus 🐙 (I’m hoping to have the pattern up next week).

I didn’t get much needlecraft done, actually I did but I had no finish, so nothing to show you yet. I always feel like winter is a better time for crochet and knitting, and my stitching always suffers a bit during the colder months. I did try a new craft though, English Paper Piecing, and I really enjoy it!


And of course, I participated in the Fantastic Bake Along, for which I chose the recipe! A quiche lorraine! Yum 🙂

So not many makes this month, but hopefully I’ll get a few more things finished before we move away and I have to pack all my craft gear (yes, when you’re at the point that it takes half the couch, I’m calling it gear!)

I hope you guys have had a great July and that you’re ready for August!



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15 responses to “July wrap up

  1. Ha! I have craft gear too😂. Good luck with the move, it’s never fun to pack and unpack, but always exciting to do! Love all your makes, quiche Lorraine is still on my to do list!

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  2. claire93

    oooh I missed that you had begun English paper piecing . . . that’s another craft to keep you busy!

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  3. Not a lot of makes?! Hah! Looks like plenty to me. 🙂

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  4. that octopus is so cute! 😊😊

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  5. Half a couch? What do you call it when craft supplies take up a whole room? ‘Madness’ probably. I can never move house :/

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  6. Good luck with your move! I think you accomplished quite a bit this month, considering you’re preparing for a move!

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  7. That Gandalf Pipe is awesome!!! I think that you got a LOT done in July Emma! Good luck with your move! Hope your new home has plenty of room for craft storage!!! And plenty of room for sock storage too!!! 😀

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    • Thanks Tami! I hope the move goes well too, I’m actually staying where we currently are until mid October so my poor hubby has to move alone for a little while. And I need all the socks! It’s so cold in the south of Australia in winter!


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