Dream knitting

Happy Friday lovely readers!

I have been busy this week but I can’t quite show you what I’ve been up to, so I thought instead I would share some of the knitting projects I’m planning on making in the next few weeks and hopefully this will keep me accountable!

I have some yarn leftover from the Aquagirl skein and I am planning on making a pair of socks for my mum 🙂 I showed her the yarn last week and she loved it! Because I’m not quite sure how much yarn I will need though, I have decided to make her a pair of toe up socks using this pattern.


At the same time I got Aquagirl, I also got the beautiful Seafoam colour way, and I want a pair of socks for myself with them. As I am a little bit obsessed with Harry Potter, I’ve decided to make the Hermione’s everyday socks. I think that the pattern on the yarn will be very nice with the pattern for the socks.


And the last thing I want to knit is a beanie for my little cousin. I’ve browsed a few patterns and I’ve found this simple but cute pattern on Ravelry for the Bankhead beanie.


What do you guys think? Do you have a favourite beanie pattern?





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12 responses to “Dream knitting

  1. I really like the Sockhead hat. Have you tried it? There is a Sockhead Cowl to match now too.

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  2. FYI on any beanie these days…they seem to be very slouchy, so be aware, depending on cousins’ taste, that you might start decreases a lot sooner than the pattern says.
    All those projects look fun to do!

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  3. There are just so many great things to make! I love the beanie, can’t wait to see your version.

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  4. You need an Etsy shop for socks. Aaaaaaaargh I love

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  5. Why can’t I be your next door neighbor and glean some knitting skills from you?! These are so great! The hat is really really fantastic!


  6. You are the Sock Queen Emma!! 😀


  7. Love the socks! It’s more of a slouch hat than a beanie, but I love this pattern – first thing I made on circular needles using baby alpaca yarn – so soft! http://azknits.azure-m.com/2010/11/free-pattern-quick-cable-slouch-hat.html

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