June wrap up

Happy Monday!

Can you believe how fast this month has gone by? This was a super busy month for me, I’ve actually been knitting like a madwoman! Can you believe I’ve finished 2 and half pairs of socks? Yes! I have finished my beautiful Aquagirl socks (actually not mine, they are Tracy’s!) From left to right, the patterns I used are Sock it to me! by Patons, Mercury socks byΒ Kim Drotar and Glynis byΒ Cookie A.

I’ve also been crocheting fingerless gloves (Charmed gauntlets by Nerdish Delights) and a shawl (Blurre by Addydae Designs) to keep me warm.

And of course I’ve been doing some cross stitching as well, albeit not as much as I would have wanted (it’s actually quite hard to stitch with cold fingers). I’ve only just finished the May SAL from Helene et Mahelia, in June, shame on me!

One of my main goals for July will be to catch up on my SAL and to decorate my project bag, and because I like multitasking, I’m actually going to stitch the SAL on my bag! Talk about genius! I also have plans to finish a beautiful crochet top from Oceans Originals, I have been delayed slightly as I ran out of yarn (I’m sorry Kelley I’m getting on to that asap!) And of course, I can see more socks in my future, now that I’ve started there is no stopping me!!

I wish you all a super productive month! I hope it’s productive for me too 😊



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16 responses to “June wrap up

  1. You have had a very busy productive month!! What a good idea to do the SAL on your bag!! I can’t wait to see the top you’re testing for Kelley – her designs are so pretty!!

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  2. Emma, you are like sunshine this morning, exuding energy and excitement for the days ahead. Your personality is showing in your writing, and I enjoy it very much! Happy July and happy projects!

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  3. Idk how you find the time for all this.. do you even sleep? πŸ˜› I was actually gonna send you an email telling you how awesome you are, knitting, crochet, cross stitch, cooking, the work you do… β™₯

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    • Haha it just relaxes me after work and I need to have some kind of creative outlet otherwise I feel like I’m at risk to explode! At the moment I’m in full swing creativity, my brain just won’t stop so I need to make the most out of it! I’ll email you later this week with pictures I think 😊 and thanks again for letting me test your patterns, it’s been such a pleasure!

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  4. πŸ˜€ I love your socks and the fingerless gloves, that’s so amazing you finished all these in one month!

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  5. I want all over your socks I love them so much πŸ˜‚πŸ˜»

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  6. Well, you’re ready for some cold weather then and, now I’ve nipped over to Ocean Originals to have a peek – I see you’ll be getting ready for some sun too.

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  7. Wow, you’ve done so much! And they’re all so pretty πŸ™‚

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