May SAL with Helene

Happy Wednesday!

I know, it’s the end of June, but I’ve only just finished my May mystery stitch along from Hélène et Mahélia. I think that I’ve been so cold when I was down in Melbourne that I haven’t been motivated to cross stitch much but I really want to get back to it, because I just really love this year’s designs 😊

May was birds again, and just look at them, they are adorable!

I still need to finish off the April one and obviously do this one as well, I might get them done over the weekend.

In other random news, today was Dobby the house elf’s birthday apparently, and so I wore two different socks (mostly cause I couldn’t find my second grey sock from the washing 😂). I thought some of you who are as obsessed with Harry Potter as me might enjoy the gesture 😁




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13 responses to “May SAL with Helene

  1. The birds are great, I just love the bright colors. And how cute to celebrate Dobby’s birthday with miss matched socks! Even if it was by accident, I love the thought!

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  2. I love those birds! They are so sweet!

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  3. What cute little birds! We were in Melbourne one week ago for a long week end. You’re so right about the cold! I feel like I’m still defrosting and a little bit like living in Brisbane it’s still summer!

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  4. claire93

    lovely birds ^^

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  5. What a lovely little flock of birds!! Happy belated birthday to Dobby!! At least for one day you had a good reason to wear two different socks!! 😀

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  6. Love the birds …….. and the socks 😉

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