A HO and some awesome podcasts

Happy Monday readers!

It looks like I’ve skipped my Friday post 🙈 whoops! It’s actually probably better that way, I have mostly been working on the same projects so maybe it wasn’t as interesting anyway. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather last week, but after this weekend I feel motivated again and ready to get on with this new week!

I have a half object (HO) today, my Sock it to me! made with the Aquagirl yarn from Fibre Revolution 😊 I love this yarn even more after working with it! It’s super soft and I love all the pops of colours, I actually think that the sock pattern I used shows them so well too.


I also wanted to share with you 4 podcasts/ video blogs that I’ve really been enjoying so much in the last month. I feel like video blogs have been very popular lately, and I love being able to put a face and a voice to those bloggers. The only negative is that I get serious yarn envies and that I’ve been spending more money, but it’s supporting small businesses, so it’s okay right? 😁 Those are is no particular order, please also share with me if there is any other podcast I must watch!

  • Potter and Bloom – I just love Emma, she makes me laugh and I love seeing all her beautiful crocheted and knitted objects. I’ve back watched all her episodes because I enjoy watching her so much (I hope that doesn’t sound too creepy 😂) She is actually the one who inspired me to start knitting again and her designs are the cutest!
  • Zeens and Roger – Rosina is just so relatable and I love how honest she is about everything! I particularly enjoyed watching footage of her crochet corner of shame (it made me feel better about mine 😂) and since I have been follower her blog for a while too, it’s like getting to know a friend better.
  • Lottie and Albert – Lindsey has just started her video blog adventure and I have been following her from the beginning. My favourite thing about her podcast is how enthusiastic she is, it really inspires me to see how excited she gets about projects and yarn, and I can totally relate to that!
  • Addydae Designs – I have already talked about Deanne before, she is the designer for the Blurre shawl and I am obsessed with how mine is turning out! I love her humour too, and I love that she is an Aussie! It’s so great to learn about all the yarny events happening here and to learn about all the wonderful local dyers! Beware though, she is a serious enabler 😊

That’s it for me today! If you have other podcasts you love, please share! And have a great week!



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12 responses to “A HO and some awesome podcasts

  1. Thanks for passing the video blogs along, I will definitely check them out! Nice job on the sock so far👍.

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  2. claire93

    this yarn really is a lovely shade

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  3. I love your sock, the pair will be beautiful as well as cosy! I’ll have to check out those links, they sound interesting!

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    • Thanks Kate! I really love how the first one turned out so fingers crossed that the second one is the same 😊 I hope you enjoy the videos, I normally put them on during weekends when I’m having me time/craft time 😊

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  4. Another cute sock!! I love Zeens and Rogers! She is adorable!!! 😀

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  5. You make such beautiful socks, but these are my favorite by far:)! I know what you mean by wanting to buy materials for, and make every beautiful thing I see! There is so much beauty out there with so many talented people like yourself:)❤️

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    • Aww thanks Tracy! It’s a good thing you love them, because they are yours! And yes I want to buy all the yarn at the moment! I’m so inspired to crochet and knit, probably because of winter ^^


  6. Squeee!!! Thanks for giving me a mention! That was a lovely surprise to stumble upon. 😀 I’m really behind on blog reading so I came here at just the right time!! xx

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