New project bag

Happy Monday lovely readers!

This weekend I had some prime craft time while watching the Harry Potter movies 😊 I have been having yarn everywhere though lately and so I decided to make myself a new project bag to keep all my yarn in. I made it using calico and it’s actually pretty huge! I even put in a zipper and I was very please with how it turned out (excuse the wrinkledness, I still haven’t found my iron!)

You have probably noticed as well the red patch on the bag? Because the fabric is calico, I thought it would be cool to have a long term project to decorate the bag with cross stitch, and so I’ve made a start on this cute little star fish! I just love how tiny the stitches are and I’m sure it will look great once I’ve done more around it too.


And lastly, I just wanted to show you what’s currently in the bag! My Blurre shawl from Addydae Designs 😍 I love everything about this shawl and I can’t wait to finish it, hopefully before the 30th of June so that I can enter it in the CAL!


What have you guys been working on lately? Do you have project bags to keep your crafting area tidy(er)?



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19 responses to “New project bag

  1. I did NOT notice that red star at first. Can’t wait to see what it all becomes! πŸ™‚

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  2. claire93

    a great idea to make yourself a WIP bag.
    I cheated and bought myself a cheap bag in Noz only the other week for my knitting. My crochet WIPs are in old shoe boxes lol.

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    • I also have random bags in which I keep various wips but I wanted a nice one that could carry a small blanket or a few pairs of socks around 😊


  3. I like this idea. I have used cloth shopping bags, but things tend to start falling out because they don’t have a closure…maybe it’s time to rethink, and make some customer bags!

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    • I definitely love the zip, at least when things are in I know that they can’t go anywhere else! Mine is really plain at the moment but I’ve seen really pretty WIP bags made with beautiful fabrics!


  4. That star is too cute! I have lots of bags with wips in some that are market bags lol!

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  5. jessicacrafts

    That is going to look amazing. I’m awed by your patience though, I hate stitching on weaves so small!

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    • I did find it fun but I have good lighting, that might be a good project for weekends rather than evenings! And thanks I really hope it looks good all together 😊

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  6. Now THAT bag is just right!! The size is perfect, but the addition of the cross stitch is going to make it a show stopper, not to mention the goodies that are inside!!

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    • Thanks Tracy! I also find the size is great! I don’t like when I can’t put everything I want in a bag, and I always want to put too much πŸ˜‚


  7. I love the idea of the cross stitch – this will make the bag really special. Have you planned it out or do you just look where it takes you? And what’s your secret about having only one project in that bag – I would certainly not be able to put all my WIPs in there at the moment πŸ˜‰

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    • Haha my other projects are in other bags 😁 I don’t really have any plan yet for the cross stitch but I’d like to keep it themed around the sea, you may know I’m a big water enthusiast 😊

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  8. Adding the cross stitch motifs is a wonderful idea! I have a bag I received with a yarn order that says handmade is Love….I need to wash it when I do vacation laundry this week. Your post gave me reason to look it over, and it is definitely time for a bath!

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  9. What a great idea Emma! I need to do something like this to keep all my wips separated. Of course I would need to buy or crochet some bags because my sewing machine and I are do not have a friendly relationship. I have yarn and incomplete projects all over the place and I really should organize it better. I can’t wait to see how you decorate it!! πŸ˜€

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    • Haha yes the yarn everywhere is a common problem πŸ˜‚ mine has started to get everywhere too, especially on the living table, under the table, on another table, on 2/3 of the couch, even in my bedside drawers! You see the picture πŸ˜‚ hopefully this will help keep at least some of my projects tidy!

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