Charmed Gauntlets – Nerdish Delights

Happy Wednesday readers!

As you may know I am in Melbourne, Victoria this week and it is freezing cold! So cold in fact that I thought I needed to make myself a pair of wrist warmers! I’ve wanted to make those for a while, as I won the pattern from Denise from Nerdish Delights on one of her giveaway on Instagram (I was super excited, as I had never won anything before!). I guess it just wasn’t cold enough in Brisbane but here, it sure is. I used LionBrand Heartland to make those and they turned out so warm and cosy.

I just LOVE the pockets on them! They are just so handy to carry some loose change/ credit card/ lip balm. I’m super glad I finally got around to making those as I’ve worn them everyday since I finished them last Saturday. If you want to make those, you can find the pattern in Denise’s Etsy shop and I think she also sells finished wrist warmers there as well.

I hope you guys are all having a great week, and hopefully I haven’t frozen to death by Friday for my next post 😂



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15 responses to “Charmed Gauntlets – Nerdish Delights

  1. The pockets are super cute! Actually a good idea :D.

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  2. I love the pockets too! I didn’t notice them in the first picture, and had to look more carefully in the last. I just thought the buttons were cute embellishments! Nicely made!

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  3. claire93

    what a clever idea!

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  4. Those are great! I love the pocket idea!

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  5. Well the weather has been crap here all week so iii probably need these soon! Lovely as always I love fingerless gloves

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  6. Oh my goodness how fabulous! Those would be perfect for when I have to inventory my walk-in freezers at work. I could stay warm but still move my fingers 🙂

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