May wrap up

TGIF! And I am on mini holidays too for a week 😊

My hubby and I are going to spend a week in Melbourne (in Australia, not the US!) where he will start working towards the end of the year. I’ve never been there but I’m really excited as I got told that the food and coffee down there is amazing! I’m also pretty excited because they have real winters and I will be able to crochet and knit heaps of wearable things once we move there. If you have been to Melbourne or live there, do you guys have any suggestions for good yarn shops? I might as well go and visit a few!

Anyway, I just wanted to do a quick recap for May. I actually did not finish many things in May but the ones I finished were pretty big (except for Yoda, he is tiny)!

I think that starting and finishing a blanket in a month (actually more like 3 weeks) is a record for me, I’ve never done a blanket that fast! The cross stitch was also the longest of the year, look at all this beigy/brown! And I even got some sewing done, talk about multi crafting 😂 I also tested a great bikini top pattern from Oceans Originals but I can’t show you anything yet, patience!

I also dug out a few projects and I am working hard to get those finished in June!

I’m actually not sure why I’m doing so much needlework considering it’s winter! What I am thinking, I wonder?

I also did some baking in May, and I participated in my first Fantastic Bake Along! It was great and I can’t wait for the June one.

So, my plan for June is to finish knitting my socks, hopefully find some time to read more  (maybe on the plane) and get back on track for my LOTR blanket.

What have you been up to during May? Do you also have a huge list of projects you’d like to start/continue/finish in June?

Have a great weekend!



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17 responses to “May wrap up

  1. 😀 you did so much in a month. How do you make the time?
    The bears are adorable.

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  2. Wow, that is a very successful month! I used to live in Melbourne and love it! I miss the coffee! I’m afraid I can only give you tips on embroidery shops. Im not a knitter at all. Though they do have a couple of shows which are worthwhile going to for the reason of discovering these places!

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  3. Nicely done, Emma! Yoda is adorable!

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  4. I still love your Yoda! I have lots of projects that I started in May, but not many that were finished! Hopefully I’ll find more time for them in June.

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    • Thanks Kate! I definitely feel the same, lots of ideas but not many finished, but I think June is going to be more productive, I’ve already finished a pair of fingerless gloves 😁 hope your June is productive too!

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  5. claire93

    you’ve had a very productive month!

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    • I felt like it was a bit slow at the beginning on the month but looking back on it, I did get quite a bit done! I think I might make more smaller items in June though (which will feel more productive than making one big project)


  6. You got a lot done in May!! Way to go Emma!! I can’t wait for June’s bake along! It’s so much fun! Yoda is so cute!!! 😀

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  7. Awesome job on all your projects. That yoda is mega cute!!

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  8. The noodle looks tasty 😉

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