Pokemon embroidery

Hello lovely readers!

Making a bag for my hubby earlier this week made me want to start a bag for myself, probably a project bag actually. I was rummaging through my fabric bag and found this piece, which had been abandonned for at least 2 years!


It was time to add some friends and I will turn it into the front pannel of my new bag once I finish embroidering them all!


On the top right corner, I added the japanese symbol for water. I’m going with a water pokemon theme too (they’re my favourite!) Have a great weekend!



Filed under Embroidery, WIP, Work in progress

8 responses to “Pokemon embroidery

  1. Nice! “Gotta Stitch em All”!!!!

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  2. It’s fun to work on and finish old projects. A friend of mine picked up an afghan she hadn’t worked on in over 30 years! And recently finished it. 🙂

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  3. Lovely emma , I have projects that old too 😱

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  4. What a fun project! It’s going to make a fantastic project bag. And it’s always good to be able to finish off those long forgotten projects.

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