Camera play and yarn advice

Happy Monday readers!

Over the weekend I’ve dug out my camera and tried taking pictures using a few settings. I used my reef fish amigurumi (the one I tested for Starbeamer Patterns) and a few different backgrounds.

Which one do you prefer?

I also have some questions to ask you about buying yarn online. I have had an idea lately to design a shawl, but I can’t really find any yarn that would be good for it in local stores. So I wanted to order yarn online but I’m a bit afraid that I won’t like it once it arrives (I really like to squish and pat yarn before buying it). Do you guys have any suggestion of yarn that would be good for a shawl and that you have tested? I was thinking sports weight or 4ply, maybe cotton blend for a better stitch resolution?

I’d love to hear from you! Have a great week 😊



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23 responses to “Camera play and yarn advice

  1. Bottom right, top right 😀 It’s super cute! Also i use wool warehouse for my online yarn shopping. It’s great service and it all comes in those big organza bags. Now i don’t use 4ply often but Stylecraft 4ply is nice they have a few ranges but limited colours, i love king cole yarn atm and if you wanted to splash out scheepjes whirl, one ball would make a shawl. The best experience for me would be Rico cotton 🙂 I’ve not used Rico 4 ply but i really love the cotton by them they also have dk and other things xx

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  2. The brick background seems to have nicer color overall, if it is true. I buy a lot of KnitPicks yarn. The prices are good, and they have lots of varieties to choose from. Every skein I’ve used has been wonderful to work with. I have used fingering, sport, DC and worsted from them in acrylic, superwash wool, wool and cotton/linen.

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  3. with the black and white I like the brick background better. if you have something more colourful then plain background might be better, however i would try to research more about the light and shadows etc…. sorry can’t help much about yarn, as Im on the other half of the world, and we probably have different things here… however I have just knitted a baby cardigan from scheepjes stonewash, it was around 80% cotton and 20%acryl. soft and bit fluffy but still lots of natural fiber…. I did like the feel of it…

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    • That’s a very good point! I do need to check light a bit more, it’s been very hard to get good natural light with winter approaching though, I will check alternative lighting options

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      • From my limited knowledge about photography , i know you need at least 3different light sources shining from different direction to avoid those sharp dark shadows… but im no expert on this 😊

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  4. I’ve used custom yarn from Yarnia, and that was nice. I’ve also used Damsefly yarn from etsy. She has a good selection of colors and yarn types, and they’ve always had great stitch definition.

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  5. I like the brick background. I’ve never bought online either. I’m like you, I like to feel it and see the colour in life. I’m interested to see what other people suggest to you.

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    • Yes I’m a bit scared that I won’t like it when it arrives. Where do you normally go yarn shopping? I’ve been a bit disappointed with Lincraft and spotlight recently


      • Hi Emma, I usually go to good old spotlight and am also disappointed in their yarns. I’ve been getting too many joins in the the middle of a ball. So annoying. Just need to find somewhere with the variety in colour.

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  6. I have only bought yarn online because it was on sale for yarns that I use all the time – Caron brand and Red Heart. I’m like you – I need to touch it and see it. You should just buy a whole bunch of different weights and styles of yarn and then pick one out of that and throw the rest in your stash!!! For shawls I love Caron Simply Soft – it has a nice shine, it’s smooth and soft, has a great drape and it’s acrylic so easy to care for! I’m in the US so I’m not sure if you have all the same brands and access as I do. Oh and I like the fish picture in front of the brick. 😀

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    • I think I should be able to order Caron online. The issue we have in Australia is that even our big ish yarn stores (think Jo Anne’s equivalent) don’t have all the normal brands. And if they do, they just have a small selection, which sucks. I think I should follow your advice and buy a bit of everything but then I would probably get killed by my husband for spending too much money on yarn 😅maybe I can convince him for my birthday 😂

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  7. I’m drawn to the brick background on this occasion… 🙂

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  8. I like the brick background, as for yarn I buy off woolwarehouse mostly. The shawl I did last was worked in DK but 4ply is meant to be lovely for shawls

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  9. I don’t order much yarn online, like you I like to feel it before I buy it. Plus I find no that colours on my computer are not always accurate. I agree that the brick shows off the black and white in your fish the best.

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  10. I like the fish on the white, the bricks have lines and detract from the lines on the fish. How about a sand box or an aqua piece of fabric? How about the white with sand sprinkled here and there and a few child’s beach toys? I love taking pictures! –I also love online yarn shopping. I have used wool warehouse, willow yarns, and even Etsy. I have been happy with all of them. You really can’t go wrong with a wool or natural fiber, they feel wonderful!

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