Ripple blanket 

Happy Wednesday readers!

My best friend’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I really wanted to make him something special. He was a bit depressed because we are leaving the “youth” age group, so I knew I had to make something happy and bright.
I’ve settled on a marine themed blanket, so I’m using the ripple stitch to imitate waves and I will have 4 different shades of blue, with smaller amounts for the lighter blue and a lot of the darker blue to imitate the different depth of the sea. I’ve already finished one of my skeins of yarn, the lightest blue, and just started on the second one. I think that I might need to go buy some more at that rate but I’ll see once I’ve finished this second colour.

My idea is then to apply appliqué fish, shells and other marine creatures to make an underwater scene. It’s been working up quite fast (I’ve started on Monday) so hopefully I can get the base blanket done, block it (it will need it!), and still get some time to play around with appliqués!

This is what I’ve freehanded so far, I’ve made the shell in crocodile stitch to give some texture.

Do you guys have a favourite marine themed appliqué that you think I should really include? And do you have any suggestion on the best way to attach them to the blanket once it’s finished?



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15 responses to “Ripple blanket 

  1. jessicacrafts

    I don’t have any suggestions but that turtle is adorable!

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  2. claire93

    I’m too new to crocheting to be able to offer any advice – sorry ^^

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  3. Killer whale like free willy or starfish 😀 😀 I love that turtle though! If i attach things i usually sew with the same thread and start in the centre and kind of go in and out but also now your asking, whats that glue stuff you can get for fabrics? When people use it for making clothes or adding things like diamonds I’m sure you can use that xx

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    • Oh yeah! I do have some fabric glue, the think is I’m always a bit afraid it would go away in the washing 😂 I’ll definitely do some starfish! And a killer whale if I can find a good pattern 😊 not really feeling the free form on that one 😂 x


  4. Maybe some scallop shaped shells! I can’t wait to see it when it’s done!! 😀

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  5. I would probably sew them on, especially if its going to get loads of washing, going to look fab !

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  6. I saw a nifty fish-shaped dishcloth on daily crochet the other day – that would probably work up quickly and go pretty well! What a fab idea, looking forward to seeing how this comes out!

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  7. What a brilliant idea! I’m afraid knitting and crocheting are foreign to me! A gorgeous turtle.

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