Orks painting

Happy Monday!

I hope you’ve enjoyed your long weekend if you’ve had one, I’ve spent mine crafting as you can imagine 🙂 you’ll be happy to hear that I’ve finished the baby blanket in time for the baby shower, but so last minute (I was weaving ends in the car on the way there!) that I didn’t get time to take a proper picture. Here it is next to all the other presents, this little girl is already spoilt!

The future parents were super glad though so that’s what matters 🙂

In other news I’ve started painting my warhammer miniatures again, and I’ve made some good progress on a squad of orks. The story for this is actually quite funny, in the warhammer universe, orks are fungi that keep on growing all over the planets. I have this crazy theory that orks are French and that’s why they can’t say “Hs” so I’m painting their clothes blue white and red 😂 anyway, I’ve done their skin and  started the metal bits on some of them so far.

I’m pretty excited with how they’ve turned out so far and I can’t wait to actually play a game with them when they’re actually painted! I’ll be back on Wednesday with some crochet update 😊


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13 responses to “Orks painting

  1. Nice job painting! If I tried it the paint would be everywhere 😂.

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  2. Nice Orks! My son played around for a bit with Warhammer and I believe he even had some figurines that he wanted to paint. I’m not sure if he still has them or what became of them. He is the DM for 2 D&D groups so he is pretty busy with that. You sound like me with last minute race to finish gifts! I would have also needed to stop and get a gift bag to put it in!! 😀

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    • Sounds like a busy life he has! I’d love to play D&D as well, but when we tried it our friends don’t really role play and really try to calculate the outcomes which is less fun. Oh and yeah I forgot about gift bags so it was gifted without 😂

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  3. I think we can all relate to walking in finishing up a gift and then handing it over. LOL Love, love, love the figurines.

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  4. claire93

    lol that reminds me, I have boxes and boxes of Warhammer up in the attic! Our two sons (now 29 and 27) were really into them as teenagers, and when they finally left home to start their adult lives, a lot of their stuff got left at home. Hence, Warhammer in the attic. I wonder when they’ll come and collect it all?

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    • That’s pretty funny! We actually collected a lot of stuff from one of our friends who also stopped playing. My husband and I can see ourselves painting/playing when we’re really old! Actually we will probably need to, because we will still have unpainted models at that point lol 😂 you could probable sell them if you need the space though, they are worth quite a lot of money!

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  5. claire93

    ah but I think I would be hung, drawn and quartered by my sons if I did that lol. No, I’ll carry on storing them in the attic until they decide they have room in their own homes to take everything.

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  6. Great job!! I used to have a fairly large Warhammer collection but ended up giving it to my brother as I can’t find anyone nearby to play with. Now I wish I’d kept them just for display purposes at least!

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    • Thanks! I actually heard you guys talking about it in one of the podcasts and then I really felt inspired to paint again. I also played against my husband on Wednesday and my Orks smashed his Chaos army 😈 good times!


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