A bit of a roundup 

Happy Friday lovely readers!

What a week! And I can’t believe it’s already the end of April, which means that a third of the year has already gone by. I thought that this called for a roundup on my year so far. I have been bad and actually have more wips than when I started the year, with only one project that I finished from my previous wips 🙊 oh well!

So currently I have 4 big projects on my hooks, with one other (it’s a secret!) to be added this weekend (but hopefully a finish as well!)

  • The LOTR blanket, which I haven’t touched in a week
  • My Mandala Madness, which I haven’t touched either in some time (but I’m planning on doing some over the weekend)
  • My virus shawl, I’m actually doing well on this, I’m mostly hooking it on the car when it’s not my day to drive (we alternate with my husband)
  • The beautiful shells baby blanket, which I absolutely need to finish by Sunday (no pressure!)

Then on my hoops I have only two projects, but one is actually an ongoing thing over the year

And I also have socks to knit!

Thankfully I also had plenty of finished projects in the last 4 months, here are the photos to prove it!

I wish you all a beautiful weekend, here we have Monday off for Labour day and you know what that means: more crochet time for me! Yay!


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13 responses to “A bit of a roundup 

  1. It’s the end of April and I’ve not lost weight 😅😅 I just ate chocolate. Your are like me end up with more wips than started off with! It’s the norm I keep saying. I love the colours for your mandal it really pops! Enjoyed your post have a awesome weekend!

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  2. claire93

    you’ve been very busy!

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  3. jessicacrafts

    I love the colours in the baby blanket and the shell stitch is such a gorgeous stitch! I hope you get it finished in time.

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  4. Wow you have been busy!

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  5. I just love all of your exotic amigurumi aquatic life!! You have been very creative and productive!! Isn’t it nice to put everything down in one post and then sit back and say “yeah I did all that!! Yaaaay me!!” 😀

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