WIP Wednesday – Glynis socks 

Hello wonderful readers!

I’m super happy today, because I’ve finished my first sock! I probably should have started with an easier pattern for my first pair, but I just fell in love with the details. The pattern is from the book “Sock Innovation” and, like the title says, it is the Glynis design.

It’s also getting quite cool here after the time torrential rains from last week, so I’m quite pleased with how warm this sock is! Now, to knit the second one!



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14 responses to “WIP Wednesday – Glynis socks 

  1. Wow! Fantastic! You are so talented. Looks like a complicated pattern.

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    • Aww thanks a lot 😘 the stitches were actually not too bad but some were quite fiddly so it took a while! I hope the second sock goes faster 😊


  2. claire93

    wow – that’s a lovely sock! and pattern looks very intricate.

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  3. Gorgeous pattern and some nice warm comfy socks are always good to have!! 😀

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  4. Look at that detail! Very nice. 🙂

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  5. What a lovely sock especially for your first! I’ve got the yarn to knit my own pair of socks, just a little intimidated to actually start! It is getting cooler in Brissie. Might need to start thinking about those socks!

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    • Thanks! That was my thought exactly. It got so cold after last week’s rains. I even got my jumper out! You should make a start, it’s not as bad as I thought it would 😊

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  6. Beautiful work, that pattern is so pretty and you did a great job.

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