WIP Wednesday – virus shawl

Happy Wednesday!

Yes I admit, I totally gave in and started another project. To be fair though, I found the perfect yarn for it a few weeks ago and it was calling to me (seriously, I swear!) I’ve had my eyes on this project years ago, so I feel like it’s okay to have started it now 🙂 I know I’m a bit late to the party, but I’ve finally started a virus shawl. 

I even enjoyed some outside crochet time yesterday, before we got hit by the rain and wind brought by cyclone Debbie. 

I really love the pattern for this shawl, so easy to do, I don’t even have to think about it. I’m using the most gorgeous yarn too, Holst Garn Coast, and I love the slight changes in colour, it makes me think of denim 🙂 so pretty! 

Anyway, I’m going to take it slow with this one, and try to update the mandala madness next week instead. We will see how I go! 

P.S. I also just started a secret project today. I might show you some sneak peeks next week 😉 and yes, I know I should really finish stuff before I start new things but I can’t help it!


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7 responses to “WIP Wednesday – virus shawl

  1. Oh! I love the denim blue, and the pretty pattern! This one is going to be a beauty:)

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  2. Oh this is very pretty looking , I have that pattern on my list , like you it will be a year before I get to it ha !

    Love to see it all finished 🙂

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  3. A virus shawl has been on to do list for a long time too! It’s such a gorgeous pattern I really need to make one! I can see why you started this project! That yarn is absolutely perfect for it!! 😀

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    • Yes! You should make one 🙂 the repeat is super lovely and easy to follow as well, but I think you should find the perfect yarn for it first, it’s worth it!

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