WIP Wednesday – Mandala Madness CAL

Happy Wednesday! 

Yes, you read the title right! I’ve taken back my mandala madness! I am starting step 4 (I have done 2 row in red already) and I’m hoping to grow it more in the next few months. 

I’m using scraps for this, so the colours are a bit random but I really like it so far. I have lots of blues and greys left over so it will likely grow in those colours in the next few rounds 🙂 I’m really looking forward to blocking this at the end, as I think it will really bring all the details out. 

See you all on Friday for the giveaway winner announcement! 



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14 responses to “WIP Wednesday – Mandala Madness CAL

  1. Me and Hstone Yarn Crafts are doing this same mandala! I’ve been working on it slowly – you two are a bit ahead of me. I love the bright colors your using! Mine is part of my long term Mindful Mandala project. I’ve been choosing cards from my tarot deck for color inspirations. I can’t wait to see it finished. What a beautiful pattern!! 😀

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    • Yes I’ve seen yours! Actually that inspired me to get back to mine, I haven’t worked on it since last year 🙈 I really love your inspiration ideas, I’m just picking random colours from my stash but I’m trying to keep it a little coordinated still ^^

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  2. This is gorgeous! Do you have a pattern? I am starting to fall in love with mandalas too!

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  3. HstoneYarnCraft

    That yellow color really pops out! Very nice 🙂 I am just picking my colors randomly too. I think all the different colors make the details stand out. I am slowing down with mine, it usually takes me two nights just to do one round now because it is so big!!

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    • Oh that’s exciting! We could almost have a little crochet along going on with you and Tami 🙂 I’m going to check out your mandala straight away!


  4. You are going to love it!! Have fun:). Yours is looking great!

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  5. claire93

    this is lovely and colourful!

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