FO Friday – jute bag 

Hello lovely readers! It’s Friday yay!

So glad it’s finally the weekend 🙂 this week I’ve worked on a few things (including a new cross stitch design) but mostly I’ve finished my jute bag. 

It’s the perfect size to hold all my yarn cakes for Gandalf, and it should also be great to go to the markets 🙂 I’ve made the handle straight from the main body of the bag, so that I only had to sew one side of it. Hopefully that will make the bag really sturdy and I should be able to carry heavy things in there without a problem. I based this bag mainly on PurlSoho’s pattern but I did modify it quite a bit because the jute I used was way thicker than the recommended linen yarn. 

Have a great weekend! 



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10 responses to “FO Friday – jute bag 

  1. Oh nice! That does look sturdy and it looks like it could stretch a bit to hold so much yarn!! or other boring things like groceries! 😀

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  2. sweetiebearcrafts

    This looks great! What a fab idea to hold yarn!

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  3. It’s the perfect bag for Gandalf! Love it.

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  4. Yes he is all snug in there 😉


  5. Koala

    Lovely project. Quick go get some more wool! 😉

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