Shop review – Yarn glorious yarn 

Happy Monday crafters!

Last weekend I felt a bit adventurous and decided to finally visit the yarn shop ‘Yarn glorious yarn‘. I had heard about them from a few different persons and I also saw them at a craft show last year but never really made the time to get there. Saturday was different, I finally stoped at the shop and I really wasn’t disappointed! 

The shop looks quite small from the outside but the inside is actually quite spacious. The people working there were super lovely and of course there was yummy yarn everywhere! When I came in, there was a class to learn to knit socks, and it was cool to watch for a little while 🙂 

Of course, I had to buy something, so I set my choice of this beautiful light weight merino/cotton blend. 

I chose a gradient of blues and the yarn will become a virus shawl eventually (they had a display one at the shop and now I really want to try that pattern). I was very happy about the price range at that shop, they had some great quality with an affordable price tag. I will definitely go back there for more 🙂 if you live in the Brisbane area, or you come visit, you should give it a go (the details are on their website, linked at the beginning of the post 😉) 

All the opinion expressed in this post are my own, I was not paid or compensated in any way for this review, just giving my honest opinion on a shop that I really enjoyed. 



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6 responses to “Shop review – Yarn glorious yarn 

  1. I love the virus shawl pattern – it’s been on my to do list for a long time!! Those colors are going to look amazing in that shawl. I don’t have any cute yarn shops near me all I have is the big box craft stores. 😦 But they do have yarn and I ❤ yarn so I'm not complaining – I would probably have a breakdown in a store that is devoted to yarn – I wouldn't be able to decide what to buy and have a crying tantrum because I could't buy them all!!

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  2. Ooooo your yarn haul looks scrumptious * drool*
    Yarn shops seem to be few & far between I can remember when every town had a dedicated haberdashery/ yarn shop …oh I miss those days

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    • It was so hard to chose when I was in the store! I would really love to have more yarn shops/haberdasheries around too, it’s just not the same feel with the big craft stores

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  3. claire93

    a bit far for me ^^ but lovely that you have such a friendly yarn store close by.

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