FO Friday – Snail amigurumi 🐌 

Happy Friday!

Sometimes, I really feel like I have issues focussing on only 1 project at the time… I know that many of you feel the same way, so at least I’m happy that I’m not alone. 

I’ve discovered recently that I really like making my own amigurumi. So, when I feel unmotivated with my bigger current projects, designing new, cute crochet toys  seems like the perfect alternative! This only took me a few hours in front of TV, and I’m hoping to write a pattern for it soon. 

This little guy started out as a slug. But I had planned on giving him a house to bring along, so I set out to crochet a shell. 

And here it is, all set up with his brand new home on its back 🙂

What do you guys do when you’re getting bored with big projects? Power through of get distracted like I do? 


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13 responses to “FO Friday – Snail amigurumi 🐌 

  1. He is soooo cute!! I tend to have one more complex project and one simple project on the go. Then I can mox andatch depending on brain power… drives my husband nuts as it means there is projects everywhere!

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  2. That snail is adorable!! You could also use just the shell pattern to make seashells like nautilus shells! The mandala I’m making is a great project for doing between other projects. I do just a few rounds at a time and they’re each so different that I can’t imagine getting bored. 🙂

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  3. Your snail is sooo cute! It’s great that they don’t take too long to make. Can you post a picture of all the little amigurumi collection you’re building? 🙂

    Haha, just last night when I switched from one cross-stitch kit to another my boyfriend had this wide-eyed look and he asked me how many kits/projects I was working on currently because I can’t stick to just one for long. I often rotate through my projects..or just start a new one XD.

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    • I can definitely post a pic of all of my amigurumi together 🙂 I have a few now! You made me laugh so much, my husband was the same and kept on asking but now he just gave up! 😂

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  4. claire93

    really cute, does he have a name?
    Yes, I always have several projects on the go, in all my crafts, one big for when I want a challenge, and something smaller when I want to relax and get a quick fix.

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    • No, he has no name yet, I need to think about it 🙂 I totally understand wanting a quick fix, so satisfying to finish a project 😊


  5. So cute, I love his little shell! ❤

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