WIP Wednesday – shopping bag

Happy Wednesday crafters!

I’ve finally started a project that I’ve had pinned for a few years now: a netted linen market bag from PurlSoho. I’m actually making mine using jute rather than linen and a 3.75mm hook, so I’m expecting to do less rows while keeping the same size. 

I’ve started the bottom of the bag and it has worked up quite fast so far, although the jute isn’t the most pleasant fiber to work with (it’s a bit rough). I’m wondering if a go in the washing machine might soften it a bit. Has anyone tried to wash jute before?

Hopefully, the bag will be finished pretty soon, I really need a new bag for my fruits and veggies shopping ๐Ÿ™‚ 



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13 responses to “WIP Wednesday – shopping bag

  1. I love it so far! I need a bag for my cross-stitching. I have tons of cheap canvas bags that have been given to me from different give-aways and they are so flimsy I tend to wrestle with them to get them to stay open while I am putting stuff in them. Yours looks like it will be much easier to put stuff in when you go to the markets.

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  2. Looks great. I made a couple of beach bags last year using Scheepjes wool. Lovely range of vibrant colours.

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  3. Never tried jute before, is it hard on your hands? Interesting to see the end result

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  4. I’m not sure about how to wash jute – but I would think that you would want a shopping bag to be sturdy and a bit stiff. I can see how it wouldn’t have as pleasant of a feeling as yarn though. Looks really good so far!!

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  5. Looking forward to seeing the end product ๐Ÿ˜‰

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