LOTR CAL – Center Square

Hello readers!

I hope you had a great time last week, the break was very welcome for me. We did heaps of stuff with my brother and his friend and I’ll post some pictures on Wednesday. I also (surprisingly considering how busy we were) managed to get some crafting done!

I have finally finished the centre square for the Lord of the Rings graphghan! yay! I’ve made the maths, there are 3,600 bobbles in here, crazy!


Hopefully, the rest of the squares will go fast compared to this. I’ve already started Sauron and I really hope to have him done next week.

Have a wonderful week!




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14 responses to “LOTR CAL – Center Square

  1. It looks great….that is lots of bobbles! It would take me forever to finish it!

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  2. Kay

    When I saw this, I thought “please love Harry Potter, please love Harry Potter.” Then I saw the category. But there was none like this ☹️ (I think). Btw, what are bobbles?

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    • They are a type of textured stitch that make little puffy bobbles (I think that’s where the name comes from). It’s only made of DCs and SCs so it’s actually pretty easy but it takes a lot of time! And I do love Harry Potter, I was thinking of doing the graphs from ‘Two Hearts Crochet


  3. Kay

    Can you link it?

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  4. brittany

    Do you have a pdf pattern for this?

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    • I do have the PDF of the graph but I haven’t got written instructions if that’s what you are after? Which technique would you use if you were making it? corner to corner, bobble, single crochet?


      • Laverne Delts

        Single crochet.


      • There are several techniques you can use to make a graph in single crochet. You can use each square of the graph as a stitch, or you could do two stitches wide and two rows for each square of the graph (and that would make your finished object slightly bigger. There is a good tutorial on the crochet crowd YouTube


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