I can almost see the end! 

Happy Wednesday crafters!

Like I said last week, my LOTR graphghan is a major WIP that I really hope to finish this year. I’ve been getting back into it but my major issue has been finishing the center square. Why on earth did I think that bobbles was a good idea? I love the look of it obviously but it is taking me forever and it’s been quite hard on my wrist. But I’m almost there and then I can start Saruman 🙂 

To get some extra motivation, yesterday I decided to join the lovely people from the “Stitch and bitch Brisbane” and it was super great! Everyone was so nice, the projects looked amazing and I got that extra push to get that square finished (hopefully next week). If you’re interested, they are meeting up every Tuesday around 5-6 pm at the Fox hotel  on Melbourne street. 

Now, back to the bobbles!


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8 responses to “I can almost see the end! 

  1. I am sure it is extremely time consuming but it looks great!

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  2. That looks incredible!

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  3. It’s looking good! The bobbles are worth it 😊

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  4. Your graphs are beautiful!! I’m looking to make a few of your LOTR graph squares as part of a gift for someone. I was wondering what size the finished squares end up being?

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    • I think it depends on which stitch you use. With bobbles, each square is around 36×36 cm or 14×14 inches. The big centre square is double that. If you would like them smaller, you can try the mini corner to corner or just using single crochet rows but I don’t really know how much smaller they would turn out. I hope this helps 🙂


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