Blankets and New Year

Happy New Year guys!

I hope you all had great holidays and that you had fun times with your loved ones. 

I had a great week with my mum and I finished the stitch stop and roll blanket for her. 

With the leftover yarn, I also made a ripple stitch lapghan for my dad. 

They go so well together and will be lovely for the rest of winter back in France. 

Again have a very happy new year! 


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10 responses to “Blankets and New Year

  1. claire93

    oooh these are both lovely. Gorgeous rich colours.

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  2. Well done! A yarn artist you are!

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  3. Great work on both 😀 I love the colour scheme and the stop and roll one’s pattern is pretty nifty 🙂

    Also, a happy new year to you!

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    • Happy new year! I found the pattern last year and ordered the kit to make the blanket but I only got around to make it this year 🙂 it was about time! X


  4. I agree with the others. I love the colors in both blankets!

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  5. These are lovely. I really like the colours you’ve chosen, really rich and warm.

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