Projects and goals for the end of the year

Happy Friday! 

Where have the months gone?With October already well started, I thought I would do a quick recap of the projects I have started but have yet to complete this year. 

Crochet wise, there are 3 main projects I’d like to progress on. 

The first one is my snowflake afghan, which has been slightly abandoned. Apparently last time I posted about it I could find the motivation to finish it, and I’d say that I still haven’t! 

I also joined a granny square blanket project earlier this year but I got very unmotivated with it, even though a lot of squares are now done. 

And lastly my LOTR graphghan, but I have actually been working on that, it’s just that the centre square is taking aaaaages… 😓

Now, with cross stitch, I feel like I’ve been pretty good! 

Of course I need to finish Helene’s stitch alongs but I’ve nearly caught up on the September one so that should be okay 🙂

Then I need to keep going with the snowflower diaries joyful world calendar, I would love to gift it to my nana for Christmas. 

And finally, a pretty old project I had was to stitch a Thumbelina cushion, adding from the bookmark I have with all the costumes she wears in the movie. That would also make a nice Christmas present as well for my Aunty. 

That’s it from me, but do you guys have projects to finish by the end of the year? 

P.S. I promised a picture of the Salamanca shawl around my neck, so here it is!




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11 responses to “Projects and goals for the end of the year

  1. jessicacrafts

    Does it count if I haven’t started them yet? Lol. I do have one that I’ve started already. But I have a lot of Christmas gifts I haven’t even started yet.

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  2. Wow, you’re so busy but all of your projects sound fab. 😊

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  3. Paardje

    I’m working on my 3rd sweater and I hope to finish it before a major move in December 😀

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  4. claire93

    it’s always motivating to have a list and a finish by date but this year I’m living without the pressure. If I finish things, I do, and if I don’t, then I won’t worry my little head ^^

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    • That’s a good way to go too! I just feel like if I don’t make lists I get nothing (or at least way less) done 🙂 I probably won’t finish everything but at least I’m keeping track of very old projects


  5. Your projects sound awesome! I hope you are able to finish them in time for the holiday! Personally, for crochet I have my table cloth, my husband’s scarf, a lace scarf I’ve been working on and lost motivation to finish (those last few rows…), and the project I hinted about in my last post ;D. I can’t even quantify the other projects I want to start but lost track of… Good Luck!!

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  6. I’m trying to get a giant stocking done for my daughter, about 6 scarves for a Christmas presents, some hats I started and nephew finished for my nieces and nephew. I also have a blanket that’s been going on for about 3 years. It just never ends! Then I end up finding something else I like and working on that instead.

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    • Wow that’s some great plans you have for Christmas! I know the feeling about a never ending blanket. It’s so easy to get distracted by all the shiny new projects 😊 good luck with you Christmas craft x

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