A nice hiatus in Hobart

Hello readers! 

Did you miss me? I certainly did miss you! I was at a conference for work this week, and I got to visit the beautiful city of Hobart, in Tasmania. 

The conference was pretty great, and we even started the conversation about gender equity and women in STEM sciences, which is about time. 

Another very exciting point for me was that I got to buy some gorgeous 100% Tasmanian wool. And it’s also hand dyed! 


After caking

The colour is “Salamanca”, which is the artsy area of Hobart, right next to the leisure harbour. That’s also where I got this wool from 😊

I think I’ll make a shawl/scarf with it, as I lost my scarf on the plane on the way there. 

I wish you all a great weekend 



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3 responses to “A nice hiatus in Hobart

  1. Beautiful yarn! I’m glad I’m not the only one who must buy yarn or fabric on my adventures. The memories will live on. Especially with that bright happy yarn!

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    • 😁 you’re definitely not the only one buying crafty souvenirs! It’s just so lovely to be able to remember the places you visit while working on a project 😊

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