Finished crochet hook case

Hello readers!

After having this on my list of things to do for months, I’ve finally finished my rainbow crochet hook case

I now has a total of 13 compartments (11 small and 2 big) and can be rolled for easy storage. I used a bit of ribbon I found in my craft stash to make sure it was securely closed and voila! 

All my hooks have a safe and cosy place to live now, no more randomly finding them under the couch (I hope anyway!). 

Have a lovely end of the week πŸ™‚



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9 responses to “Finished crochet hook case

  1. That’s a neat idea πŸ˜€

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  2. Nice make!! Loving the rainbow stripe effect too πŸ™‚ hope it helps x

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  3. Nikki - Yet Another Crafter

    That’s wonderful! I’ve been lamenting my lack of a double pointed knitting needle roll and may have to crochet myself one!

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    • That would work perfectly, you can adjust the length and the thickness of each compartment too as they are all crocheted separately. And then you would have one roll with all your stitchy tools πŸ™‚ perfect!

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