Boomerang bags

Happy Monday readers!

Today I’m pretty excited to show you what I’ve been up to this weekend.

While browsing the Internet on Friday, I found out about this really cool australian initiative called Boomerang  Bags. The goal is to reduce plastic bag usage in supermarkets in Australia, by providing local communities with free fabric bags, preferably made from scrap fabric. People who borrow the bags are then responsible for returning them or continuing to use them.

The Boomerang Bags website has a pattern to make your very own fabric bag and that’s what I did over the weekend.

Instead of stamping the logo on the pocket, I even embroidered it on.

For the handles, the folding technique seemed very similar to making binding. I thought that I might as well give a go to making my own binding, for my quilted table centre, while I was at it. I have read a lot of great tips over the past few months from many amazing quilting bloggers, and it was actually pretty easy to make binding, I don’t know what I was so afraid of!

I even made different sizes!

Now I’m all ready to finish this table centre and to start something new.

Back to the bag, I’ve tried it out today and it fits all my fruits and veg, now I only need to make a few more to fit the rest of the groceries! 😂

Happy sewing and crafting everyone 😊



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7 responses to “Boomerang bags

  1. jessicacrafts

    This is a really cool idea. Love the bags.

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  2. Hi Emma, this is fantastic! Where abouts in Australia are you located? I’m one of the co-founders of Boomerang Bags, and this is exactly what we are hoping people will do with the online patterns. Do you mind if we share this story with our followers? 🙂



    (p.s how did you hear about us?)

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    • Hi Jordyn 🙂 I am from the Brisbane area. I’m so flattered, I would love you to share this story, I really hoped this post would inspire people to be more mindful about plastic bags. I heard about you through Judy Newman at Intocraft, and then after a bit of research realised that a few of my friends actually already follow you on Facebook. So I decided to join the party 🙂


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  4. What a terrific idea! You did a great job on the bag too!

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    • Thanks! Obviously not my idea but I really do love that initiative, I think it’s about time all of Australia bans plastic bags 🙂


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