A hedgehog to hold pins 

Hello everyone!

Today I want to share with you a project I did over the weekend. There was a birthday in my in-laws family and the birthday-lady just got a sewing machine. I thought that a perfect gift for her would be some sewing accessories.

I got her a rotary cutter but I wanted something more. I found a really cool box of pins but still something was missing. Of courses! A pin holder! I found a really cute pattern for a hedgehog on Pinterest (sorry for no link up, I tried following the links but I couldn’t find where the pattern actually comes from).

The pattern calls for felt but I decided to use regular fabric for the body and just to use felt for the ears. I also added a little yarn trim at the bottom of the hedgehog, between the main body and the base.

And here it is! A cute little hedgehog ready to go to his new home!



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5 responses to “A hedgehog to hold pins 

  1. That’s such a great idea! You should make one as a cactus too!

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    • Thanks 😊 I actually thought about a cactus first, looked into my fabric stash, and no green fabric ☹️ but I’ll try to make one when I get green fabric in!


  2. That’s very cute 😊

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  3. He’s charming! (and prickly 😉 Thanks for the pattern.

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