Crochet jumper: finished!

Hello everyone! 

It’s all in the title, I’ve finished my crochet jumper! The pattern is really great and I might make more jumpers like that in the future. It worked up super fast and I really liked that there was no seam. The only slight issue I had was that I stupidly decreased stitches without noticing ( I somehow missed the last stitch each round) but I was able to fix my mistake pretty well in the end. 

I blocked it during the day and wore it all tonight and it’s super comfy and warm, which is perfect for winter!

I liked making the twisted cord for the neck part as well, I think it gives the jumper a cool look. Oh and I got a haircut too 😁

I hope you all have a great weekend 😊



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9 responses to “Crochet jumper: finished!

  1. That looks great! Well done!

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  2. That looks really nice! Very cosy. The thing that puts me off crochet clothes is the time I assume it’ll take but I think I should give it a go. It might not take long really.

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    • It’s always a bit daunting to start but once you’re going it’s faster than you think. It still takes a while but if the pattern is good it’s well worth it! I know I’ll wear this jumper almost everyday until winter is over 🙂 and probably in the years to come as well, so totally worth it!

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  3. Looks cute on you! Great job 🙂

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