Trying my hand at quilting 

Happy Wednesday lovely people!

After admiring for a while all the lovely quilt work from Claire on her blog, I really wanted to give it a go. 
So I followed her advice and started small, with a 2 block table runner. I used some scraps and I had a lot of fun. 

For the back I just chose a plain black fabric I had leftover from my Harry Potter robes. 

For the actual quilting part, I just followed the sewing lines I already had. 

The last part will be to bind it, I’ll probably make my own binding using either the blue or black fabric, I haven’t decided yet 🙂 



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6 responses to “Trying my hand at quilting 

  1. claire93

    ooooh well done!
    an excellent idea to start with something small, so you can work through each stage (piecing, quilting & binding) and actually finish a project. Do you think you’re going to try another project? I hope you do ^^

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  2. claire93

    oh and if this first experience raised any questions . . . don’t hesitate to email and ask. I was a beginner not very long ago, and I can remember all the questions I had.

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    • Thanks so much Claire for all your help already 😉 I’ll do more sewing when I’m back home from the holidays. I hope you’re not too hot, we were in south France 2 weeks ago and it was insanely warm.


      • claire93

        we’re not actually in the South, more Lyon way, but temps are going to be in the mid 30s again this week, so yep, too hot for me ^^

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