Winter is coming

Happy Friday lovely readers!

This week has definitely seen a drop in temperature in South East Queensland, but it is a great weather to snug under a growing crochet project! I have started (yet) another project when I saw that my local Spotlight sold Lion Brand Heartland yarn.

I have had this project from Lion Brand pinned forever and I couldn’t wait to get started. 

A lovely shrug to spend winter cozily! 

This is where I am at the moment. I have just finished skein 2 and the pattern calls for 3, so only one skein to go! 

I really love the texture of the stitch πŸ™‚
Have a great weekend y’all! πŸ˜‰



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6 responses to “Winter is coming

  1. That looks lovely and simple! What’s the name of the pattern?

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  2. I’m in Brisbane, so I know how cool it is! The sudden dip in temperature took me by surprise. Having it be 10ΒΊ the last few mornings had me scrambling for more blankets.

    I haven’t been to Spotlight in a while, but I have seen that Big W have finally extended their range, with some Red Heart jumbo super saver skeins, plus a bunch of their gumdrop. I do want to stock up on some of that Lion Brand, though. It looks good!

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    • Hi Denise, how cool that you are in Brisbane too πŸ™‚ That’s great I didn’t know about BigW selling RedHeart I’ll go check it out! The Lion Brand feels so so nice it’s just so soft and it’s been a pleasure to work with as well πŸ™‚ I’m excited to see what you’ll do with it, maybe incorporate it in one of your awesome Outlander squares? πŸ˜‰


      • I’ll have to get out to Spotlight again one of these days. I have plans for a few more blankets to do once I’m done with Outlander, so it’d be nice to branch out to something fancier πŸ™‚

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