Like mother, like daughter

Happy Friday crafters!

The project I want to share with you today is pretty special to me. Some of you may know this, but I am getting married soon, in 3 weeks to be precise. 

I was looking for a cute way of customising our wedding photo album when I received an email notification for a post over at Hélène’s blog. Mahelia, her daughter, created her first cross stitch pattern. The theme? Romantic date. Super bright and fun! I got the immediate approval from Dylan and so I started stitching away! 

I wanted a landscape finish to fit the album I had already covered in fabric, so I decided not to do the top of the pattern and I changed the colour of the car to blue (our car is blue). Added a little bit of text and Voila! Perfect photo album to keep all our precious memories 🙂 thank you so much Mahelia and Helene for your beautiful patterns!



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4 responses to “Like mother, like daughter

  1. This is lovely, hope you have a wonderful day! 😊

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  2. Very cute! Congrats on your upcoming wedding. 🙂

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