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A proper introduction is in order!

Happy Wednesday lovely readers!

I would like to properly introduce you to Sadie, my amigurumi doll. Thanks again to Cheyanne and Alexa for their names suggestions, I really liked Chloe but Saddie just really grew on me and so that’s the name I chose for her 🙂

She now has her very own 2 legs and I made her some cute red shorts (her fave colour).

If anyone has a pattern for a tank top or shirt for her, that would be awesome 🙂


On another note, I was thinking about hosting a Lord Of The Rings crochet a-long, I’ve started designing a few squares (which I will probably end up making anyway, I really want to try a bobble stitch graphghan!) but let me know if you guys would be interested in joining up with me, I’ll put the graphs here 🙂




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Cross stitch galore!

Hello lovely readers! I have finished my wolf cross stitch and I’m up to step 3 for the March SAL from Helene.  

Can you guess what it is?  

I also got some extra yarn from the second hand shop to add on to my scraps corner to corner blanket 🙂 I’ve turned both corners now so I’m onto the last part of the blanket!  
It will be pretty big once finished but I’ll definitely need to block it as I’ve used lots of different yarns with lots of different weights and textures. 

Until next time!


P.S. We went to our first (and probably last) bridal expo on Saturday and I have to say I loved all the freebies! Even got 2 yummy macaroons 🙂 


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Poké-alphabet week 19

Happy Friday everyone! One of my goals for March is to finish the Pokemon alphabet. I’ve had it running for quite a while now and I feel like I need to get it finished. 

So for this week’s update, I have finished Sandshrew and done the outline for Teddyursa 🙂   

Have a great weekend! 




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Avatar afghan – free graph!


Hi guys,

I just realised today that I forgot to give you the graph I used for my avatar afghan! I designed this pattern so if you use it, I would be grateful if you link back to my blog (and also I would LOVE you to share a pic and to see what you made of it ^^)

I used a 5.5mm crochet hook with 2 strands of acrylic yarn (I used Marvel 8ply from 4 Seasons).

The colours I used were:

Black for the background (approx 8 skeins)

White for Air (approx 1 skein)

Aqua for Water (approx 1 skein)

Claret for Fire (approx 1 skein)

Green for Earth (approx 1 skein)

But of course, you can always use yarn from your stash!

So here it is, the graph I used!


You can also use the graph for cross stitch and hama beads 🙂




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“The werewolf only responds to the call of its own kind”

Hey peeps!

I’ve been working on a new cross stitch project, a werewolf howling to the moon. This is it so far, I’m still debating of whether or not adding the quote from the title to it.  
For the finish I think I’ll just put it in a smaller hook and hang it on the wall 🙂

I added to my painting with a shiny umbreon but, even though he is cute, I think the painting looks empty, so the rest of the eevylutions will probably be joining him!

I’ve been extra lazy with my granny squares so I’ll have to catch up if I want to finish my blanket before the end of the month. 

This is my latest square   

P.S. If you’re interested, my Pinterest board for the granny squares I will make is here


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