Stitches and crafts fair

Hello readers! 

I hope you all had a terrific weekend 🙂 I sure did! This weekend was the stitches and crafts fair in Brisbane and it was pretty good!

When we entered, there was this amazing wall of knitted and crocheted items. So bright and colourful!   

All the shops were pretty good, I got a new self healing cutting mat for my sewing and some new fabric to go with my March SAL (update soon to come about this one). 

Then, I got so amazed by the work from the Brisbane Quilters guild! 

  Some people are just so gifted! And my personal favourite was, of course, marine themed!  

I just felt so inspired, I really want to start quilting! Maybe one day soon, when my WIPs list is smaller 🙂 

Have you been to a craft fair recently? I would love to hear about your experience!




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3 responses to “Stitches and crafts fair

  1. I haven’t been to a craft fair in a long, long time but my grandma used to quilt! We made a quilt together when I was 8-9. It’s small and it has some CRAZY color combos with that 90s rainbow cat pattern on the back but it was such a great memory. I’ve had the quilting itch lately myself, to be honest. I may or may not get myself a sewing machine for my birthday 🙂

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    • That would be awesome! I got one for my birthday last year that I used to make my Harry Potter robes for halloween 🙂 I really like sewing it’s so satisfying. I just need to learn how to use all the different stitches on the machine lol


  2. How mesmerizing and beautiful! I would love to go to that kind of a craft fair.

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