Poké-alphabet week 21


This week has been pretty tough at work with Properties and Facilities giving me a hard time (those guys have just been so lazy I don’t know what their deal is) and just lots of work to do. 

This week I’ve done some substantial progress with my poke-alphabet but I am a bit disappointed with the colours for Vulpix. Oh well, too lazy to frog it now! 

So that is Vulpix finished, the outlines done for Wooper and Xatu and I started on the pokeball. 

Can you guess what Y and Z will be? 




Filed under Embroidery, SAL, WIP, Work in progress

2 responses to “Poké-alphabet week 21

  1. Where did you get this pattern? It’s great. And the stitcher isnt so bad herself. 🙂


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