I’ve been bad…

I promised myself that I wouldn’t start a new project until finished some of my WIP but today I gave in! 

I’ve joined a CAL group on CraftyAmino. The goal is to post on Wednesday granny squares to ultimately make an afghan 🙂 

This is what I’ve got so far   

I’ve decided that all my squares will be different and I will adjust sizes at the end when I sew everything together 🙂 if you want to join, we are aiming to finish by the end of March and the hashtag is #craftycal

We are going to the Gold Coast this weekend for Valentine’s Day so I also hooked a few hearts to spread the love, love bomb style! 

Do you guys have some fun crafts planned for V-day?




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3 responses to “I’ve been bad…

  1. cool project!!! I love crochet and I love afghans, already made mine 😉

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  3. Valerie

    I’ve crocheted a number of afghans but never with granny squares – I am SOOO doing one…eventually! lol


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