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Drops design booties

Hi guys! 

I have finally finished my drops design booties. They are so so comfortable and I really love the Mawson yarn from Vera Moda that I used.    

I’ll also make an infinity cowl out of the same yarn for this winter. 

You can find the pattern for these booties here




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Wednesday macramé 

Hello lovely readers!

So for my birthday, back in September, I got a succulent and I’m afraid I haven’t been the best at taking care of it. I think I almost drowned it a few times because I kept it inside and overwatered it. Today, I decided to finally do something about it and to put my succulent outside. But I couldn’t just put the pretty glass pot it’s in on the flood, could I? 

Quick, I needed YouTube!

And I found it! A tutorial on how to make macramé.    

I hope my little succulent will be happier now! 

On another note, do you remember when I was telling you about dying my own fabric for cross stitching?

Well I’ve done it. I tried a few things from my kitchen, and let me tell you broccoli (for green) and cloves (for brown) do not work at all. Tumeric on the other hand worked great and I now have a piece of bright yellow fabric to cross stitch my full Thumbelina design on 😊 
 Have you tried dying fabric and what did you use for your colours? I’d love to do some more dying for different projects and I’m always looking for advice!




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1 down, 1 to go!

Happy Monday! I have made some good progress with my Drops Design booties over the weekend. I have to admit I have been a little distracted considering the variable weather. One minute I really feel like knitting because it’s chilly and the next I’m sweating under my yarn like there is no tomorrow. But finishing those is one of my monthly goal so I need to get motivated!

Boot n1 is finished (not quite actually, still need to add some nice big buttons on the side), and I’m currently knitting the cuff of boot n2.

I have also made some progress on the Avatar afghan. I have actually found a better way of joining my yarn so that I don’t have thousands of ends to sew in and I’m very excited about it! When the last square of the colour is coming up, I don’t quite finish it and instead I tie a tight knot with the new colour I want. Then I make sure that the square is finished with the right colour and that the knot is at the intersection between both colours. And that’s it! no annoying ends! (put your curser on top of the pics to see captions)


For this pattern, my base is a C2C throw (free pattern available here) and I designed the pattern using Avatar: the last airbender as an inspiration 🙂

I’m so glad I found this little hack to simplify my life. Do you guys have some craft hacks you would like to share? I’d love to hear about them!





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Poké-alphabet week 11

I can’t believe I have started this project 3 months ago already (11 weeks without counting Christmas)! I feel like I’ve been very slack with it but I guess it’s just because it is quite large and I have plenty going on at the same time. I have finished Gengar and Heracross and I’ve stitched the outlines of Inkay and Joltik.    


 Maybe I will manage to catch up in the next few weeks?

In the mean time I wish you all a great weekend and happy crafting!



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Organisation is key!

Is it just me, or the beginning of the year always makes you want to be more organised? 

With such a big year coming up (wedding to prepare, Europe trip, hopefully a few more papers published) I felt like I needed extra help to get organised. I came accross the bullet journal concept. I thought I should give it a try. I had this cool game of thrones journal that I thought would be great for the job.  
 I really love that I can set up long term monthly goals but also more precise and reachable daily goals. I’ve also made a colour calendar, with a few things I want to work on everyday (like not biting my nails or practicing my Italian) it’s so nice to be able to visualise goals and it’s very satisfactory to draw a little cross when I’ve reached a goal (as small as it may be).    

 I have also been (once again) trying to de clutter my drawers (I own too many clothes it’s just ridiculous). Because some were not even wearable (mostly holes) I thought that instead of throwing them away I would do something creative and so I turned them into tshit yarn. Only a few more to go!


That’s it for today!

Hope you’re all having a great week 🙂




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Appa… Yip yip! 

The year has most definitely kicked off for me, I was back to work this morning. But on the bright side, it means that I am back to my dedicated evening crafting time (no more impromptu Settlers of Catan game on a Wednesday, let’s leave this madness for the holidays!). 

So yesterday we went back to stock up on some crafting goodies (Dylan is making another giant 40k board, it’s going to be awesome) and I found a pyrograph. The great thing is we practically got it for free (new year’s sale I love you).   

I’m decorating my yarn crate 🙂

It’s actually harder than it looks, the tool gets really hot so I have to go little by little. 

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, we are watching “Avatar, the last air bender” at the moment. I loooove this show! It is one of those cartoons that are good when you are a kid but just get better when you re-watch them. And so in the spirit of Avatar, my first new yarny project of the year: the bending blanket!   

 I designed the chart for the 4 nations (Air, Water, Earth, Fire) based on the symbols from the show and I’m making a corner to corner blanket. The ends are going to be annoying to weave but hey! It’s all part of the fun!

Have you guys also been inspired by a show/movie you watched or a book you read recently?


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Poké-alphabet week 10

The poké-alphabet didn’t get much love this past month. But I’ll be working on it more now that the holidays are over.   

Gengar is getting some colours! 

Also, I probably lied when I said I would finish my boots by the end of the week 😁 I didn’t realise how long the legs actually take to make!

That’s what I got so far and it’s not even half of the first cuff. Getting back to knitting has been tough!

That’s it for tonight, I need to catch up on some sleep from yesterday 😉


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2015 in review

Happy New Year guys!!!

This first 6-ish months of blogging have been really great and I’m so glad I found a place to share all my craft projects with you. I have been so inspired by all your projects as well and I would like to thank you all for being so amazing and passionate.

I’m very excited about what this year will bring, my wedding and our big trip to Europe and hopefully some good progresses with my PhD.

I wish you all the very best for this fresh new year 2016 and may all your dreams come true!

(btw, here is my wordpress report if you guys are interested 😉 )

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 400 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.




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