Poké-alphabet week 13

Happy Friday lovely people!

I have almost caught up with my Pokemon! I have currently finished 12 of them out of the 13 weeks! I think I’ll catch up by next week with some luck. 

Just as a recap:

A is for Alakazam

B is for Bulbasaur

C is for Charmander

D is for Dratini

E is for Espeon

F is for Fennekin

G is for Gengar

H is for Heracross  

I is for Inkay

J is for Joltik

K is for Kangaskhan

L is for Lapras  
We are going cake tasting for our wedding tomorrow so wish us luck on finding the right cake 😊




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One response to “Poké-alphabet week 13

  1. Good luck! For our wedding my husband and I did three different flavors of cupcakes. Tasting cupcakes was our favorite part of the planning. Have fun!

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