Wednesday macramé 

Hello lovely readers!

So for my birthday, back in September, I got a succulent and I’m afraid I haven’t been the best at taking care of it. I think I almost drowned it a few times because I kept it inside and overwatered it. Today, I decided to finally do something about it and to put my succulent outside. But I couldn’t just put the pretty glass pot it’s in on the flood, could I? 

Quick, I needed YouTube!

And I found it! A tutorial on how to make macramé.    

I hope my little succulent will be happier now! 

On another note, do you remember when I was telling you about dying my own fabric for cross stitching?

Well I’ve done it. I tried a few things from my kitchen, and let me tell you broccoli (for green) and cloves (for brown) do not work at all. Tumeric on the other hand worked great and I now have a piece of bright yellow fabric to cross stitch my full Thumbelina design on 😊 
 Have you tried dying fabric and what did you use for your colours? I’d love to do some more dying for different projects and I’m always looking for advice!




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8 responses to “Wednesday macramé 

  1. Erin and Sky

    The only type of dying that I’ve done was with Rit dye in the washing machine but I didn’t really have the greatest experience. It took weeks to get the remaining dye out of the machine! I have a feeling that I probably did it wrong. lol. Your fabric looks great though. Looking forward to seeing Thumbalina!


  2. Maia T.

    Tea has been a success for me; it makes a very attractive brown, and can vary somewhat among varieties of tea. Green tea produced a really lovely color, but took a lot longer than black teas do.


    • emmazocco

      Oh great idea!! Plus I love tea so I must try this! Does the green tea also give you a brown colour then? Pretty interesting!


      • Maia T.

        It gives a very pretty light green if you use matcha powder, and a kind of antiqued ivory color if you use leaf. Herb teas can give a bunch of different shades, including some pretty surprising pinks and yellows.


      • emmazocco

        Nice! I’ll definitely give that a try then! I hope my fabric takes the dye in well. Thanks for the tips 🙂


      • Maia T.

        Tea seems to love cotton (consider how it stains!). The one warning is the one that applies to most natural-material dyes: Don’t wash the results with detergent. Good luck! I hope you’ll post some results; I love to see people’s experiments in this.


  3. That yellow is beautiful! I don’t/haven’t had any success dying at home buuut I haven’t tried it since I was 13 either. So. Self-fulfilling prophecy. 🙂


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